Spirit week

Last week was the week before spring break and at my school we" spirit week ". Which is a week with a theme where you show you're school spirit! So everyday is a different dress-up day at arbor view high school. The theme for this week was disney, and the first day was Sleeping Beuty. Which ment, PJ DAY!

Also that same week we had our freshman assembly, where 8th graders from different schools come and see what arbor view is all about. This is a good opportunity for clubs to get new members for the up coming year, so they show what they're all about. I'm in Aloha Islanders Club, which is like the best club! So we were there and performed for the 8th graders and hung out with people from the other clubs (: 

And the last day of sprit week we have an assembly for everyone at arbor view. And the clubs perform, there are games and activities and they announce all the sports and how they've done during the season. Here, the aloha islanders performed too! (: