we love american pictures.

Halloween coming up this weekend. Slow update, but as always... busy busy busy. I'm having the best time though. I feel so good in school, still getting to know people each and every day. And just having a blast. I love arbor view, i really truly do. This thursday we have our last volleyball game for this year. Feels good that I'll have more time to do what I want after the season. But still, I've spent every single schoolday with these girls for the last three months (?!). That's as long as I've been here in vegas! I love them all so much, and they have given me such a great experience and memories for life.
I'm so happy I did volleyball though. There's not a lot of swedish people who can say they've played j/v volleyball for an american high school ;)

 the first american partaaay, oh my gosh. loved that night!

 making swedish treats for my International Relationships class.

My coach <3 she bought me swedish cookies. lots of love!
 yoghurtland, never tasted ice cream as good as that. wow!

 so glad we go to the same school dori, i love you with all my heart bestie!
 horseback riding!!

 here, @ UNLV to watch college volleyball!
my girls!

I see this "thing" when me kody and dora went in the supermarket. And it's this guy from my class?! Haha, it was legit.

Hope you liked it, hopefully there'll be more pictures after this spooky weekend. 

puss puss.


here we go again


EF Zion's Park!

So last weekend there was this trip to Utah, Zions park with EF. And it was mind blowing! The heights we climbed, the view, the nature,the miles we walked. It was exhausting. But then after the hiking, we went back to the little town we lived in and were allowed to do whatever we wanted. I got to know two of the greatest people, Isabel and Tonje. Since this trip was only for those who live in las vegas, everyone I met lives here! Anyhow, party party with Lauren tonight, my good friend from volleyball. Here are the pics from last weekend.

First night,

 the trio <3



this is the city life

Watch this movie, and you see why I love the big city life! Beeing here, and experience all these new things almost everyday is everything I ever wanted. I feel like I'm growing in to myself as an individual more and more, and I see life with new clear eyes. Here, I had the opportunity to be who ever I wanted to be, and I chose to be myself. And so far so good. I know that this whole year will give me so much, I can feel it already. 2 months and three weeks has almost gone since I left home, I don't want the time to go by so quick. To think that one day, I will leave this behind me is devastating. Everyday is so precious.



Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, friends, sisters for the amazing celebration of my sweet sixteen. I love u with all my heart. 

We had the best time, lots of laughter and lots of great greek food! 


amazing blogger.

When I start to get complaints on Facebook I know it's time to start blogging again. So here we go! I know that the video I posted didn't work for everyone. Sadly, I can't really tell what's wrong cause I honestly do not know. So it's been like two weeks, once again I'm sorry, but i'm really not putting this blog as a super high priority during this year. Although I know most people think it's fun to know and see  what I've been up to.

That's why I'm trying to make theese movies so you can see everything and I don't really have to explain and describe it with a looong and boring text. Cause if you're like me, you probably don't read the texts anyways. So here is a video from last weekend, we went to the beautiful state of Utah again to watch some real college football. BUT for some reason, we wern't told that the game was moved to friday since we were going by the tickets on the spot. So no football, which was very disappointing to all of us. So we rolled around and found other fun stuff to do.

We went to "jump on it", utah. A building filled with just trampolines and rock climbing. After that we went to this beautiful canyon with a big waterfall. I loved it, and utah is cooler so that was pretty awesome too. We got home on sunday, and I hung out with Dora form hungary,who lives only a few minutes from me.

I'm just going to skip school in this post cause it's going to take up halft of the webpage. Anyhow, today it was frriiiiiday. And I didn't have practice, which gave me alot of time to hang out with Trey and Dora. So we went to the strip, and omg. The FIRST time on the strip, actually walking it and I've been here for 2 months today. It's sad... hahah. Anyhow, it was insane. I love vegas, that's what this swedish girl was saying over and over again once we passed Ceasar's Palace, the eiffel tower and the Bellagio. We went to the biggest h&m I've ever seen, and shopped till we dropped.

After that we were on our way back in Trey's truck, pumping some swedish rap while we were on our way to Party City. That's a costume store, and I got my dress for the party tomorrow. I'm throwing a toga party, how awesome is that?! And after we got home from Party City we went over to my wonderful neighbors house to hang out and swim for a while. Me and Lauren just went outside for a nice sisterly-talk in the hammock.Now I'm soooo tired, have to sleep and get ready fory the big day tomorrow. Puss Puss

Whip the hair- Utah style.