The house smells like turkey

It's thanksgiving today, first one ever! I'm very excited to try all the traditions they have, and to try all their foods and especially the turkey. Today I am very thankfull for the my parents who gave me this experience, without them i would even be here, in vegas today living the dream. I am thankful for my two bestfriends and siblings back home. I am also thankful for the hostfamily I am in right now, who always wants me to have as much fun as possible and has given me more then expected! I am thankful for all the friends I have here in America, all the people who make my days at school. I've been so blessed to have met you.

I am also thankful that I have a long time left that I can just enjoy and make this the year of my life!


smile, it's thursday

Had my last proficiency test today in school, which is basically a test that you have to take and pass to get in to college. Since I'm just an exchange student, it doesn't matter if I pass it or not since I'm not going to college. So I just put in whatever and then slept for the last hour ;)
After that just regular classes, blablabalbalbla. 

After school we had Key Club, which is a club for community service and volunteer work. Which is pretty cool actually, we get to go to all these events for free and we get free food or t-shirts. Since I've had volleyball for a while I can finally start going to these events! I'm looking forward to it.

After Key Club we made signs for french club. Next week is French National Week, so we are making crêpes to sell during lunch ! 

After school I went to Pink Nails with miss Hungary. Or her most resent nick name, kutya ;) (dog)

Looking forward to this weekend. Hanging out with Chris after school tomorrow, then we are going to the Playoff game, and then I'll sleep at Dora's house. On saturday we'll go to Hoover Dame and the Valley of fire with all exchange students from Arbor View. After that I have volunteer work with key club. Next week it's a three day week of school, yaaay <3


this is halloween

Halloween yesterday! So different from halloween back home, it was really fun. I hung out with Pierre most of the night, and what are the odds that we were dressed up as the same thing, superman/girl?! We didn't even know. Later we went to Carson's house and hung out with some guys from school. Overall a great Halloween! Thanksgiving, next!