sorry for partyrocking.

Last friday was crazy! My friend Dana had her birthday celebration, and her big surprise was a night with all of us girls on the coolest party bus. We went to the oh so famous Las Vegas sign and took some nice pictures. I love my second home <3


Every mile is two in winter

So like I said it snowed a lot today! We all waited until the sun came out to hangout in the snow for a while. And me and Lauren took some pretty snowy day- pictures. They came out really good! Later we got home and basically we have just been taking it easy today. I talked to one of my best friends from back home, Anton! It was really great, feels weird that we use to see each other at least 5 times a week and now I see him once every third or second month through skype... I enjoyed it, gave me lots of great laughs.

You appreciate snow more when you only see it a few times a year.

So we are up in the state of Utah once again,  in the marvelous mountain house. Yesterday we went skiing again at Brian Head! I just started snowboarding, and yesterday I decided that I wanted to try the jumps. It just ended up with me falling... We enjoyed our day in the sun! And had an after-ski dinner at a mexican restaurant. I took some nice footage up in the slopes, so I ended up making another video.

Today when we woke up we were surprised to see all this snow! And it is really true, when you only see snow so rarely you appreciate it so much more.



And everyone at school was walking around with huge balloons or teddy bears! I got some roses&chocolate, and presents from my hostfamily. Later at night we had a really good valentine's dinner with creme brûle as the dessert.


New Video!

Today I woke up so early to get going with the Arbor View Exhange Students to Red Rocks! So yeah, basically they are big rocks that are red. More like mountains. And you can climb them and hike them. Which is a very nice view, experience and exercise.

Got home like 2 pm, and took the bikes with Lauren to target. I love target. They are another one of those stores that just have everything.

So now I'm home and I just made a pair of earrings with my own bare hands. Respect.
Tomorrow we'll be going to church, I haven't gone in like 2 months.
Then hopefully I'll go shopping with Megan and Shantii.

I made another video. This one is not as good as the others though :(

These are almost all the exchange students at my school. If you watch the video there are more pictures there from today!

Puss Puss

ye ye it's friday, we know

So today the weekend started! It is friday night and I just got home from Dara's house. I was hanging out with tha crew. After school me and Dora went to her place and hung out for a while. After that we went to starbucks and I got the usual. ( caramel frapp. )

We headed towards the school, today was the last basketball game of the season and the Aggies won of course! It was such a great and exciting game.

After that we ( Dara, Chrissy, Kara, Ryan, Eli and I) went to U-Swirl. The best best best place to get frozen yoghourt, period. Went on a small shopping spree at Wallmart. Then we headed back to Dara's place and played pool and chilled with dog one and dog two. That's a quick summary, but it was an awesome day filled with a lots of fuuuun!


desert photo shoot.

Last weekend, Lauren and I also had a small photo shoot a few streets from our house where there is like farms and a "desert" atmosphere. Although I miss green and lakes, I can't help but love it here too. The mountains, the rusty feeling, the plants, the brown colors. I don't know, something about it is very beautiful to me.

Proud to be a Swede out here.


My weekend!

This weekend was no ordinary weekend, I had a lot of stuff going on! Amazing stuff!

Last friday was my hostmothers birthday. Me, Dad and the girls made dinner for her. She wanted salmon, so we made her teriyaki salmon with rice and a salad. And for dessert, a giraff-cake. My hostmom is crazy about giraffs. She really loved it. The rest of the night was a family night, watching some movies and just hanging out.

On saturday I was planning on going to the movies with some friends when Dara called me and said they had an extra ticket to a show on the strip, Le Rêve ( The Dream ). So of course I couldn't turn that opportunity down. So me, Chrissy, Dara, Andrey, Dara brother and his girl friends went to see the show.I It was so amazing! Before that we were at Dara's volleyball tournament were I got to see some girls from the old team and my coach :') . And after the show we went to get some Canes (food). It was so much fun, the whole day was just one of those perfect onces.

I bet everyone knows what Sunday was?! Superbowl!!!!! Spend the day at our neighbors house where they hosted a Superbowl party which they do every year. I got my new Superbowl t-shirt on and I was ready. Great food, great people, great game. And the weather has started to get really warm again, it's like Swedish summer right now. Giants won, although I was hoping for the Patriots! I saw Sharonda there too, she currently goes to College in Utah and I don't get to see her to much! But when we do see eachother... cheetah sistahs fo life.
 Sharonda and I
 World's greatest American Dad. I love you so so much!
 Party got so crazy I LOST my head... hah...
 Uncle Micheal
 Patriots in blue, Giants in white.
Best friend and wingman, frenchy.