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So I haven't been blogging at all lately. In fact I haven't postet a single post in weeks! But I'm back home now, back to my old life in Sweden. It's was really fun but weird to be back. Finally beeing with my whole family, the greenery here in sweden and my house. Everything seems to be smaller. But really, I can't really see that much of a difference here. Nothing has changed really. The day I got back my friends surprised me, they were hiding in my room with blue and yellow balloons the day I got back. We all had breakfast together and it felt good, knowing that I hadn't been forgotten ;) It's been like a month since I left Las Vegas. I miss it a lot, the memories will always remain and I will never forget all the wonderful people I met nor my host family. I'll probably not blog that much anymore, since I'm an ex-exchange student now. I'm gonna work a lot with EF now, and gather some points. When you get enough points, you get to go back to your hostfamily for the points you earned. I'm so excited, I'm gonna work my but off :)

Puss puss!

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3rd official day of summer

Sitting in my bed just taking it slow after a day of well, taking it slow. Christin stayed over last night along with Sharonda. Woke up in the middle of the night because I was so mad at them for taking up the space in my bed lol. Lauren my hostsister had her 14th birthday party yesterday. The day was busy busy but so great too. Today everyone has been lazy and just enjoying that it is summer. We went over to the pool and got ourselves some nice tans. I've said it before but I will truly miss the heat here...
 After finals it was time to say goodbye to some awesome teachers!
Chaperoning at Lauren's 8th grade party at the South Point Resort
Big daddy, Love and I 
 Last time at my locker
With principal McPartlin
Saying goodbye :''(
After school was over we celebrated it at The World Mark Resort

 Lauren's 14th birthday partaaay

 Summertime <3

3rd day of summer is almost over. On thursday my Dad and Brother will come here, after beeing away from them for 11 months. I am so excited!!!!!!!


Final week!

Have finals this whole week so only have school until 11:40! Which first of all means that school is over soon, and second of all I'll be going home very soon... Still so weird and very hard to imagine. Cred to my best friend Linnea who successfully completed her exchange year in Tallahassee, FL. Check out her blog at http://linneaedselius.blog.com

Don't like writing long texts so just enjoy these pictures I've taken over the past few days.

Toscana ( My neighborhood ) blockparty!

Sarah's final dance performance for ballet
 And her present 
 Last regular day at school :'(

Lauren's 8th grade graduation
 Can you believe this girl is 3 years younger than me?

Gotta get ready for school now :) puss puss!


At dori's house

About to go to bed after a busy day! Sleeping with my favorite hungarian tonight. Goodnight


Mother Daughter Day

Wooow I haven't been this tired in a while! Today was such a great day, mommy took me out on a Mother Daughter Day at the strip. She took me to all the casinos  / hotels that I wanted to see that I haven't seen yet. First she took me to get tanned, we had a nice lunch at the paris, saw some pretty crystals at the cosmo, fancy boutiques at the Crystals mall, and a lot of walking on the main street. I also got a bracelet so I will always be able too look back and remember my year and my host family. (aaaw)
Here are some picures.
 Inside the Paris, it is set up just like a french little small town.
Having crêpes at " Mon Ami Gabi " 
 The entrance to the Cosmopolitan, the newest and best 
 Crystal bar inside Cosmo
 This is in the Chrystal shops, they only have stores like LV, Prada, Miu Miu, Hermes etc..
 View from Crystal Shops
 This is  a famous classic Las Vegas restaurant 
Everything was huge! The whole restaurant was filled with neon lights.
 Marcos 2011-2012

Now I gotta get started with this day which is gonna be so fun, but there is a lot going on! 
Tell you more later :)


I love when people ask me stuff about being an exchange student, makes my days.

1) From Julia Olsson; Hi, I'm just wondering, are you born 1996 and are you in 9th grade in USA?

Nope, I am born 1995 ( just the info said 15 before cause I was 15 when I left ). Here in America I am in  11th grade, which makes me a Junior. Because in my school all exchange students are juniors, no matter what age ( with some exceptions ).

2) From Sara Jaffar; Hey, do you get your own Mac Book Pro from EF? So many people that have gone to America has got one so that's why I'm asking. 

No, EF does not provide a laptop for you. They actually want you to be on the computer as little as possible. I would bring yours though, I mean if you want to have a blog, skype, facebook, twitter, or whatever you probably want to stay in touch with all the friends you meet during the year and the people back home. Just saying.



So yesterday was a great night, I finally have it written in black and white. I DID IT! I completed a whole year, coming to this country on my own. I had to adjust myself in to this environment which was harder than I thought. I had nights when I cried myself to sleep because I was missing my beloved onces back home. I had days that I never wanted to be over because they were so awesome and unique. I have memories that I will carry with me for life. I am so lucky, I really am. I had my hostfamily who took me in and treated me as their own which I soon came to adjust to. I have my friends who enlightens my days and will have a special place in my heart, forever. There are not a lot of people who can say they have two families, two homes, two lives. I can. I have learned so much about not only myself, but about life and how to see and appreciate what you are given. This was my exchange year, a year I will never forget nor regret. Soon it will be time for me to leave. It will be a hard time, I can't see myself not living here anymore. And I'm scared. But that will just be another adventure to come.