So... Colorado! Wow.

Got here monday night, settle down in our cozy hotel room after 10 hours in the car.
So far, so amazing. I mean, I don't think I've ever been so happy to see snow and pine trees.
It's truly amazing. And now, I can check another state of my list.

So we chose to take the day of to just walk around the main street. It reminds me a lot about european towns. Not like stockholm, but more like Switzerland. Swede-girls, i bought a odd molly top for 27 dollars today, how awesome?!

Tomorrow will be the last day of skiing for us, and then we are leaving on saturday.
The following week will be all christmas preparations, and shopping for sure!

Since my computer is still f...ed up, no pictures. My hardware is full so trying to fix that -.-
Once I get that fixed, a short movie from Colorado should come up on the blog ;)

Talked to some Swedish friends today, maaaaan I love and miss them sometimes.
I mean, I love it here and the friend I have are amazing, but people are different and there's nothing that can replace the homies back home. But I will see them soon, once I'm back!

Now back to some homework since I'm taking a week of from school.



Okay so the update has been horrid lately, I feel like I miss out on something when I don't blogg, because this is like a diary I can look back on later in life. So I want to try to update this as much as possible.
But here's the thing, I still struggle with my computer, I have to get a new memory in to it and bla bla bla. So I have a bunch of pictures and stuff to tell but I want to put it all out there once I have it on my computer.

So really short, today I had my first book presentation in class. I was kind of nervous. Speaking english at home, no big deal. Speaking english in front of americans who are taking notes on your performance, can be some what nervous. But I did really good, and it's a good experience to really be out there with your english. I am very proud of my presentation and got compliments on it, so it feels good hearing that from americans.

next week I'll be off from school, the whole week! Me, my hostdad and my two sisters will be going to Denver, Colorado to go skiing! The best place in all of America to ski, I am so lucky. I can't wait to see the difference between skiing in Europe and here. But since skiing has always been a tradition with my real family, I can't see why I wouldn't enjoy it as much with my host family.

And tomorrow, first field trip with school! We are going to the strip, to see arts ( I think...) at the Bellagio. I'm very excited about this.

What I like about it is that it's french class, the best class eveeer, and we are hanging out there seriously like the whole school day and coming back for last period. I'm gonna make sure to bring my pro- camera and take a bunch of pictures.

And I'm getting ready for chistmast! It's UNBELIEVABLE how fast time flies, I mean it has almost been 5 months! Makes you realize that you have to make the best out of every day.

Kiss kiss.  Some more pictures will come soon!


The house smells like turkey

It's thanksgiving today, first one ever! I'm very excited to try all the traditions they have, and to try all their foods and especially the turkey. Today I am very thankfull for the my parents who gave me this experience, without them i would even be here, in vegas today living the dream. I am thankful for my two bestfriends and siblings back home. I am also thankful for the hostfamily I am in right now, who always wants me to have as much fun as possible and has given me more then expected! I am thankful for all the friends I have here in America, all the people who make my days at school. I've been so blessed to have met you.

I am also thankful that I have a long time left that I can just enjoy and make this the year of my life!


smile, it's thursday

Had my last proficiency test today in school, which is basically a test that you have to take and pass to get in to college. Since I'm just an exchange student, it doesn't matter if I pass it or not since I'm not going to college. So I just put in whatever and then slept for the last hour ;)
After that just regular classes, blablabalbalbla. 

After school we had Key Club, which is a club for community service and volunteer work. Which is pretty cool actually, we get to go to all these events for free and we get free food or t-shirts. Since I've had volleyball for a while I can finally start going to these events! I'm looking forward to it.

After Key Club we made signs for french club. Next week is French National Week, so we are making crêpes to sell during lunch ! 

After school I went to Pink Nails with miss Hungary. Or her most resent nick name, kutya ;) (dog)

Looking forward to this weekend. Hanging out with Chris after school tomorrow, then we are going to the Playoff game, and then I'll sleep at Dora's house. On saturday we'll go to Hoover Dame and the Valley of fire with all exchange students from Arbor View. After that I have volunteer work with key club. Next week it's a three day week of school, yaaay <3


this is halloween

Halloween yesterday! So different from halloween back home, it was really fun. I hung out with Pierre most of the night, and what are the odds that we were dressed up as the same thing, superman/girl?! We didn't even know. Later we went to Carson's house and hung out with some guys from school. Overall a great Halloween! Thanksgiving, next! 


we love american pictures.

Halloween coming up this weekend. Slow update, but as always... busy busy busy. I'm having the best time though. I feel so good in school, still getting to know people each and every day. And just having a blast. I love arbor view, i really truly do. This thursday we have our last volleyball game for this year. Feels good that I'll have more time to do what I want after the season. But still, I've spent every single schoolday with these girls for the last three months (?!). That's as long as I've been here in vegas! I love them all so much, and they have given me such a great experience and memories for life.
I'm so happy I did volleyball though. There's not a lot of swedish people who can say they've played j/v volleyball for an american high school ;)

 the first american partaaay, oh my gosh. loved that night!

 making swedish treats for my International Relationships class.

My coach <3 she bought me swedish cookies. lots of love!
 yoghurtland, never tasted ice cream as good as that. wow!

 so glad we go to the same school dori, i love you with all my heart bestie!
 horseback riding!!

 here, @ UNLV to watch college volleyball!
my girls!

I see this "thing" when me kody and dora went in the supermarket. And it's this guy from my class?! Haha, it was legit.

Hope you liked it, hopefully there'll be more pictures after this spooky weekend. 

puss puss.


here we go again


EF Zion's Park!

So last weekend there was this trip to Utah, Zions park with EF. And it was mind blowing! The heights we climbed, the view, the nature,the miles we walked. It was exhausting. But then after the hiking, we went back to the little town we lived in and were allowed to do whatever we wanted. I got to know two of the greatest people, Isabel and Tonje. Since this trip was only for those who live in las vegas, everyone I met lives here! Anyhow, party party with Lauren tonight, my good friend from volleyball. Here are the pics from last weekend.

First night,

 the trio <3