trying something new!

Check out this video from the dinner we had at Geisha House here in vegas!
I thought it be more fun to she it like a video, then having me telling you guys about it.
I'll admit it, I'm kinda proud haha.


the best of the best.

Homecoming yesterday. what a night!
Started of with Trey, who picked me and Pierre up around 5 o'clock in his truck with him, Dora, Erika and her date. Can't remember his name... oups. Oh well, so he drove us to this beautiful park where a professional photographer took our pictures. We were probably there for more then an hour, since we were quite many in the group. I didn't mind at all, being in that park with friends. So after that, most of the people in the group except me trey dora and pierre had reserved a table at BJ's (restaurant). So the 4 of us took of in Treys truck for other adventures in vegas. We finally decided to go to Applebee's, a simpler restaurang but still nice for homecoming, my opinion. We got the staff to think it was Pierre's birthday, so on top of a great meal with good company we got a "happy birthday" song. After that, we cruised around, pumping some baaase in the truck. Listening to some french rap, some swedish house maffia and "american boy". The homecoming dance was ok, compared to what we did before and after. But as I've learned, is the thing that u do before and after homecoming that matters. The theme for this homecoming was games. So the school was decorated like the game Clue. Wich was very creative. We danced for a while, and then we were of again. So we went to a friend of a friends house, and WOW. The most beautiful and awesome pool I've ever seen in my 15 (soon to be 16) years of life. They had a bar in the pool, volleyball court, 3 slides, waterfall, jacuzzi, cave and a bridge that went over the pool.
So we were around 20 people or more hanging out at that pool, jumping from the waterfall and racing in the slides and stuff. Around 11.30 or so, me trey dora and pierre left to get some more food at In & Out. After that, a quick stop at Treys house. AND I got to drive his truck, it was such a great feeling. Being in control of a vehicle, and I did good too. At least I though i did.
bubble butt.

Homecoming- a night i'll always remember. 


i love american fotball games

Not necessarily because of the sport it self, although seeing my first american football game live last friday was mind blowing. But because at these fotboll games, everyone is there. And I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE. So you hang out with a bunch of people all the time. I was sitting in the best spot though. In the middle of the sprit section with two cute foreign boys, other exchange students and the some awesome american gurls by my side. The game was amazing. You don't even have to know the game, Sammie is a great example of that. She's lived here all her life, still doesn't know her national sport... gj! Anyways, you are just draged along with the excitement and just cheer although I wasn't even sure what was going on.  All I know is that we scored some touchdowns, and after scoring a touchdown you get the extra point if you get the field goal. And of course, the Arbor View aggies won! What a night.
Monday tomorrow, which means school. This week will be different though.
1. Have choir every day before school now, hopefully it'll be good!
2. Sprit week, which means different school dresscodes!
3. I can play volleyball again after my injury, yaaaay.
 Exchange students, hoooola.
 What went wrong..? 
 some serious muscles going on. yes, people were scared.
 more people
 oh how the people goes crazy when the football "celebs" run out on the field. 
 how cool is that?! our own school band, feel sad for them. having to wear a full length uniforms in 100° F :/ 
check out this short video from the game, whoopwhoop!



So obviously I haven't been blogging in a while. Reasons for that? Busybusybusy. With school starting, volleyboll, friends and family (and boring homework) I just haven't had the time!
So I have a lot to catch up with, luckily for the friends I have on facebook, you can always check my albums as I try to update them when I can. What I thought I'd start of with is school! Because it's where I've spend most of my days these past two weeks. 

So last week we had our first assembly for the first quater of school. We all get together in the gym and cheer for our varsity teams and wish them the best of luck!
 Fotball team
 Varisty volleyball girls
 Our pretty cheer section for the varsity team's game.!
 Whoopwhoop, i love us chicas!
 This last weekend a terrible thing happend. Alyssa, a freshmen at our school was murdered. Here, we are all lighting candles as a tribute at the memorial for her at school. A lot of people were there to support her friends and family. R.I.P Alyssa Otremba.
 The school gym.
 so lucky i met these girls, they are fantastic!
 Hallway, running back and forth here everyday....!
 Hallway after school, when everyone is heading to fields, cours or the gym for their sports.
 AAAAW :')
 This upcoming week is sprit week at Arbor View, wich is the week before homecoming (?!?!) wich is next saturday. We have a "spirit week" dresscode. Example; monday- polka dots Tuesday- fake injury day etc. And we also have a lot of activities like Lip syns that week!
Basti, crazy kid for germany.
Yep, lucky as I am ... sprained my ankle last week during pratice. It's all better now though, so I will be able to play this monday. We play away against Centennial!

That's the picture I have for now, I've been really bad at taking pictures.. I always seem to forget ...

So that's my school! And it's huge, think around 3500 students. Wich is ten times more then my last school. So guess how new and crazy it is for me? Thought I would tell you some about it to. First of all, it is nothing at all like school back in Sweden. First thing's first. You choose all your classes yourself, and you have to take a science, math, english and history class. Then you have to elective classes, where you can choose more "fun" classes. My electives are french and international relationships, love those classes. Probable the most fun ones I have. In my last school, there was a lot of "freedom" in class. We could walk around in the hallways, go to the bathroom whenever we needed to and sometimes the class would end earlier. Here, it's the other way around. You have to get a hallpass or a note from a teacher or personal to be able to walk the hallways during class. And the bell is the thing that tells us when to leave class. And then there's passing time. Omg, so stessful. You have to almost run to your locker , get your stuff for next class and get going. And lunch is only 30 minutes. The good thing though is that we have shorter days, we always end school at 2.20pm. Then after school i'm of for volleyball practice from 3-5. So you see, there's a lot of time that you spend in school. A lot of people love the fact that I'm from Sweden, and ask the most stupid questions. For example ; so what, you speak another language? you like swedish fish? you know abba? do you have mcdonalds? do you know lady gaga? but wait, you're not blonde?... etc... And during the games we have the school sprit is on top! Will tell more about that in the next post; my first american fotball game!!!! 


pool party # 2

So here are some awesome pictures from the poolparty that we went to this last weekend. Dylan, my sweet neighbor turned 9 last friday. So on that saturday we were all ready to celebrate it with a big poolparty. One thing I love about american celebrations is that they really go 100% out for it. And it always has a theme. So I started school this week too! OMG I'M FINALLY A FREAKIN' HIGH SCHOOLER! And it's fun. Getting to know more and more people everyday. Just being able to say hi to a bunch of people during passing time is awesome. I will write more about this later. I just haven't got my new digital camera working yet so I don't have pictures :(... but i'm getting there. Tomorrow is a big day for lady aggies! Varsity volleyball team is playing against Paolo Verde High School and of course we are going to be there to cheer them up. I'll make sure to take some pictures in class and of the game tomorrow. And I'll tell you all about school and what's going on right now.
I love my american school <3
 Nick and Pierre
 French monkey
 First snow cone!
Talking to Thomas and his band members! He is such a great musician.
Listen to this!