utah - the mountain house

The red rock mountains!
The view from our room on the top floor!
 Hiking, some pictures got blurry.. :(
Noodles <3
Lil' sis
 Me and the kids
 Mom, Leslie and I 
 Dad, Leslie, Michael and I
Enjoying Romeo and Juliet! 
Just a few minutes outside of las vegas, it looks like this! 

Summary of the weekend in Utah; I had a great time!


my american home

 Kitchen, spending alot of time here hehe...
 The family room, see that chair to the right? Yep, sitting there right now :)
 The "fancy funiture room"
Entrance. Although it's not often that we walk in/out here, we go through the garage door.
 My beautiful bed.
 The room, it's so pretty! 
The best part of my room, the WIC <3
 Backyard view #1
Backyard view #2

Thumbs up for jumping pic in pyjamas!

Soo, this is my new home for the year. Although I only showed the "main" rooms on the lower level. It's so american!!!!!!!



Boooy do I have some pictures for u! Finally, after a week without a real camera (out of batteries) I got to borrow Pierre's adapter. So know, I can finally take some pictures that are not taken with my iphone. So today I've hung out with Pierre, the exchange student neighbor I was talking about. After taking a shower this morning I went to his house, they have an a-m-a-z-i-n-g pool, like all the houses in this neighborhood do. So we hung out, got to know each other. It feels really good to have another exchange student in the neighborhood, I've been so excited to meet Pierre, especially since he's french and I speak french. And exchange students just gets one and another. We had a lot to talk about. We had lunch, took a swim, and then we watched a movie in the awesome theater they have in their house. The day went by so fast, at six o clock me and Pierre had to go to the school to get our schedules. Met some people I know from volleyball, maaan it feels great to already have friends so that I don't look like a total loner... And I got introduced to some of Pierre's soccer friends, one of them wich I have U.S history with. I have a really good feeling for Arbor View High School. AND the exchange students at Arbor View are suppose to meet up sometimes during this school year with the exchange counselor and hang out. Really cool I must say. And I'm the only swede, hihihi! Anyways, I got back home and it was  Big Brother time for me and my host dad, a little thing we have in common. We both love the show, so we always watch it together and it's just hilarious to watch it with him! Now I'm helping the girls out with their homework since they already started school. Voila (just to put the french out there), here are some pictures! 
The view from the foodcourt @ the mall. The whyn.
Chillin @ the Verkerk's
 Mommy Kiersten
 Daddy Kieth
 Raining in Vegas?! 
If u haven't had Krispy Kreme yet, u haven't had doughnuts.
 @ the team BBQ
 Laaaauren and me, we both hate this picture though...
 hola pablo
 First day of school for the girls. So proud of them. Sarah's starting 5th grade and Lauren 8th, so this is her last year at middle school. We're gonna make it the best!
 See the red text on the door frame? We got to sign our name in a "special" room after Lauren got her braces! 
 Bored girls in the ballet shop, while shopping ballerina shoes for Sarah.
 Met one of my best friends (Luca from Germany) from EF Camp while he was staying in Vegas for a few days! And those are not his shades ;)
Hanging out with friends @ butterfly park. Here; me and Madison.
 Mom getting her eyelashes
 My lashes, before and after! Love them! 
First volleyball tournament, my number back in Sweden is 15, 16 was as close as I could get. Although, this is NOT going to be our jersey numbers for the season. This was only for that day since our new jerseys hasn't been delivered yet.
Verkerk's pool.

Pierre from Paris

Sarah with her new big brother, hahah sweetie!

PEW, that's it for now! Upcoming post; school, house, Utah mountainhouse. Stay tuned.


quick update

Just got back from an amazing weekend in Utah, it was like nothing else I've ever seen or experienced before. We spent the weekend with the Oakes family in their mountain house. Probably the prettiest mountain house i've seen. I will write more about that when I have time for it. Meanwhile, check out my new feather extensions. Love them, a very popular accessorie in America right know.

P.S Lisa and Arian (neighbors) got their french exchange student last week. I'm so excited to get to know him better, since we are both juniors at arbor view!


exactly one month

I can't believe it, one month already?! One month ago I was at the airport saying goodbye to my ordinary life, my real family, my friends and Sweden. I had no idea what I was suppose to expect. But what a month! So far I have accomplished;
- Two of the best weeks of my life, EF camp. I feel bad when I have to say this. But I can't help it... People talk about beeing homesick. Well the thing is I am very homesick ... from camp (Molin family, i stil love you haha). This camp gave me memories and friends for life.
- Been in Las Vegas (duuh), since I live here now. Big city life, love it.
- I have gotten 4 (+pets) new family members, the Marcos family.
- I've been to an american church. Met some really cool friends there.
- I HAD KFC, TWICE. Never had it before I got here, love it.
- Went to the best mall ever, fashion show mall. Gosh, it's unbelievable.
- I've been asked out.
- I made the junior varsity volleyball team for Arbor View High School!
- We went biking in vegas-heat, exhausting.
- I met the #1 - lady gaga fan in the world. btw, he's eight and lives in my hood...hahah.
- Discovered some of the best candy i've ever had.
- Gained a few pounds...
- Several photoshoots with my sistahs.
- Got to know some of the neighbors we have here.
- Been at a casino, probably going to see alot more of thoose.
- Been to a poolparty.

I love America. Can't write anymore, Lauren is hitting my face with a pillow.



Had my first intramural today, wich is practice before volleyball tryouts next week!
I'm so excited, and I'll probably make the J/V (junior varsity) or varsity team. Although I didn't do my best today, because I haven't really played volleyball for 3 months or so I almost know now that I'll be playing volleyball for Arbor View Highschool. WIHOOOOOO. I'm super excited.

The clothes I was given today. SO COOL!


first week.

So, it's been a week in vegas. A week?! More like a month's time in one day. It does feel as if I've been here longer, probably because I fit right in. But still the time flies as it has been ever since I came to America. So a quick resume of this week and today. I've been spending alot of time with my host sisters, it has been great getting to know them. And the fact that they really enjoy having me is even more fantastic. We goof around alot, just having a good time. We spend alot of time with the neighborhood kids that I was writing about before. And my host parents are treating me like I'm one of their own. I love the heat, i love the sun, i love that it's not humid (otherwise my hair would go frizzy...) , i love the clear skies, i love the big city life, i love everything and everyone! 
Today we went to church, wich I don't have a problem with at all because I have my friends there. After church me Lauren, Brian, Nate, Josh, Jake, Coop and Emily + her friend went to the theaters and watched " Cowboys n' Aliens". The movie was OK, the company was great.