second day in vegas

Me and my two new beautiful sisters! Love you guys. Today we were suppose to go to the mall, since I'm in need of some clothes and Lauren was suppose to help me to get what i need.  But there has been a change of plans, so we'll do it this wednesday instead. And on wednesday night, me and Lauren are going to our first pool party together with church kids. And Lauren is going to talk to everyone there, she is soooooo excited. We went to church today since it's sunday, it was my first time in an american church. It's really different from church back home, they divided the people to three different grades. One for kids, one for teenagers and one for adults. Now I'm going to have my very first potpie, and then me and the guurls are doing our nails. Tjihoooooo.


New Port, Rhode Island

Newport was the best. Me and my danish friends went sailing, ate lobster, me and Emma had our nails done, we all went jelly bean shopping, went through stores downtown and had a picnick in a beautiful park. We ended the night with a movie and poptarts. 


united skates of america

I don't really need so say anything else but this; tonight was one of the best nights so far!
Had a great time with all of my friends, and got to know some new supersweet people. Camp seems to get better and better each day. 



Today we had a volleyball tournament, it was really fun and we had a lot of people watching us while we played, I even had my own little cheer-squad! Our " school " is divided into 4 different groups and those four groups are also divided in to 4 even smaller groups and that is our class.  So today the Kennedys played against eachother, I even got myself a Kennedy shirt!  But after the tournament I was super mad that we didn't win so me and some other guys went to chill out and watch the movie that was shown tonight. We saw date night, it was actually really fun! And we ate alot of poptarts, gotta love em' poptarts.


la gente esta moy loca!

This hole day we've been in Boston! It's a really great city, nearby the ocean and with lots of cute buildings. It's was super hot though, 40° in a big town like Boston is not the greatest walking wheater. But we survived! Although we had to walk in to random stores all the time just so that we could get chilled by the AC. I think that we are going to play " wackie games " tomorrow. Should be fun! And curfew is not until 12:00 pm tonight, aaaaawesome. Now I'm gonna go downstairs and hang out with Torbie ( torben ) a while :)

Top row; (from left-right) David, Emma, Hernan, Torben and me
Bottow row; Pablo and Jannik



I broke my shades today... 

crazy spanish people!

Me and Emma had such a fun night tonight! We've been hanging out with the crazy spanish people, the "redbull" people. They are sooo full of energy all the time, it's crazy! The bad thing though is that they don't know english that well but it's really charming when they speak english so I don't really mind :)

right now in skype with Juan (spain) and Torben(germany).


tuesday @ emma's

Standigt right here at Emma's place, some sweet hanging goin' on! The curfew is veeeeery early at weekdays, 11 pm... Me and Emma are still super full of energy, we are to hardcore for sleeping right now. Tomorrow we have our first excursion to the Providence Mall here in Rhode Island. If you look at pictures from the mall on google you can see that it's huge! But I can't really buy anything since my luggage is alreday overweight.

We were suppose to play american fotball for activity today after school, but when we found out it was canceled there wasn't really any fun activities left. But we did have time for a night swin by the pool though, this hole day went by super fast. I don't think two weeks are enough for camp!


second day

Today we're not doing anything special, as I said before. I woke up reaaally early, 8:30... The breakfast was... unusual... White bread ( bagels/toast ), cocoa puffs, cinnemon crunch, panncakes, peanut butter / jelly, ice cream, soda. Not what I'm really used to, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it sometime. And we're having pizza and hamburgers for lunch. I will be rolling home form Las Vegas next year, for sure! 

My room mate came last night aswell, guess what? I spanish BLONDE girl, we didn't talk much though since she barely knows any english and she's kind of shy. But it's only the second day.

Tomorrow is the first day of school, the classes that we're having at camp are current issues, english, american history and life in america. Sounds kind of fun! :)

Here are some picutres, enjoy!

The first picture is of Emma from Denmark, second one is from when we arrived at the airport (starbucks!!!) and then last but not least. The last picutre is from my room, not that fancy but it's charming :)


at camp!

Now, finally I'm in America! We arrived at camp at 8 pm (local time) today, and I'm having a great time here already! All Swedes are awesome, they are so much fun and we are just having a great time together. I also met a Danish girl (Emma), wich I've been hanging out with all night. And also a german returnee, I think his name was Philip or Philippe... anyhow he is so funny! And the campus is amazing, just like in the movies, IT'S HUGE! I don't think we're doing anything special tomorrow, just getting to know eachother i suppose. I sleep in a room with two beds, but my room mate hasn't showed up yet. Since you're not allowed to share room with a person from the same country I hope I get to share a room with a spanish person :) 

Today at the bus, heading for Bryant University. 


15th of july

It's friday, friday! And tomorrow by this time I'll be at Arlanda Airport, getting ready to leave Sweden for a while. It feels so crazy that what I've waited for and been longing for is really happening, I'm so lucky to get this opportunity! I'm just genuine happy, and excited for sure.

The reason why I'm upp so early (9:30 swedish time) is because I'm going to Ebba's  place to have breakfast with her and Anna. They are both leaving Stockholm today, so I want to see them as much as I can today. Among many other people as well! And tonight I've invited Linnea and Hanna to come and have dinner with me and my family. And they are both following me to the airport tomorrow, my little sweethearts!

Thank you for being the greatest, craziest, funniest, most wonderful friends. I love you!


EF students

I love to hear what other people has experienced! Today I'll try to finish packing, although I'll probably just repack it anyways right before I leave... 



Now you can find my blog on http://www.utbytesstudent.se/ ! (y)


We're finally in Skåne after driving 8 hours yesterday! We are at a beautiful beach in Malmö. In just a week from now I'll be on the plane to newark!!!!


heading south

We are on our way to Skåne to visit some friends after a short stop at my grandparents place. My grandparents are the sweetest! They gave me a great book that I will use alot when I attend my gymnasium next year! It's a world-history Atlas, very interesting! And they gave me some money aswell, 500 kr for graduating from 9th grade and 500 kr as an early birthday gift. And we had dinner there too, amazing as always.

Now I can blog from my IPhone using BlogPress! :)


EF Culture Camp!

I just recieved a letter saying that I'll be attending the EF Culture Camp in Rhode Island among 300 other students from different countries like Austria, Australia, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden. I'm soooooo excited. We will stay at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island. So this will be the first time I get to see a collage in real life! The collage offers a very modern campus with a swimming pool, basketball, tennis and badminton courts, and a jogging track.

Bryant University, Rhode Island


Yesterday was 4th of july...

... and I spent the evening at my cousins house here in Sweden to celebrate it, the American way. The evening was filled with ribs, barbecue sauce, cole slaw and beans. Since my cousins currently live in the states they like to bring home the American traditions to Sweden, I had really fun! I'm sure that I have some more American traditions to look forward to this year :)

My first post

Here it goes, the very first post that I'll publish on this blog. I just have to start of by saying that I really don't get this webbpage, at all! I'm going to ask Linnéa to help me with this, since her design is so much better then mine right now... I'm getting really excited for my flight to Newark in NJ on the 16th of july. The reason why I won't go directly to my wonderful host family is because I'm attending an EF camp in Vermont or Rhode Island two weeks before I head off to Las Vegas! During theese weeks before I leave, I'm going to make sure I say goodbye to all my friends and spend as much time with my family as possible. It feels so strange, so unreal. A year in another country is a veeeery long time. 
Sorry for a boring first post, stay tuned to read more interesting stuff. Bye for now!