EF's website

AH, this is so cool. If you go on to the EF website and go to blogs during exchange year abroad, this is what you will see! I just saw this, so exciting. Best feeling in the world know that you are an inspiration to others.


Another day in Vegas

First day of school after memorial weekend! This week it is time for Senior dress-up days. Today was "nerd" day. Super cute. Came home, ran around singing in the house, did some work and then headed over to the pool. Got some awesome chicken wings for dinner. Amazing day.

 Carson in his nerd-suit
 Sexy beast

 "fjortis" - he got the pose down
I love this picture
Cute boyz.



Senior Awards Night

What an honor!!! All of the Exchange students got special rewards and certificates for the year. I am so happy, I feel so completed! I did it, I survived high school. Well there are still a few weeks left. The exchange students all got to sit up on stage and watch as all the seniors where presented with certificated and they told us what college they were going to. Amazing night, ended in tears... Everyone looked amazing, here are some pictures :)

  Me getting on stage to receive my awards!
Mommy <3
We always seem to be matching each other!
 All the exchange stundents ( - 4)
 Worlds best counselor 
Plaque, certificate and roses

"Once an aggie, always an aggie"

High School Life

Arrgh okay so 27 days left of this year, my year, the best decision I made in my life, it's over soon. What? It's so crazy. I'm going to miss my school and friends there so so so so so so soooo much. Fuuuuckit... I really don't like goodbyes. It's time to get ready.


High School has been an experience of a life time, I will never forget my time at Arbor View.


Luau Party

So last weekend was one perfect weekend. Christin stayed over on friday night and it's just a night of memory making. The next day there was the famous Luau Party in our neighborhood. It is like a hawaiian themed party, and it goes all day long. It is amazing, had a great time with great friends. One of my best friends are here in town, Sharonda (aka sharondala, aka Lovey). Her first year in college just got done so now she'll be in vegas for the summer!


Mother's day weekend

San Gennaro festival!
This is an annual festival held at the Rio. You go around and buy italian food and crafts, and the entertainment was partly my dear Christin singing. She is sooooooo good, should put up the video of her in action. So we hung out there for a few hours under the burning sun and later we took her  shopping with us at Tivoli City and then had some amazing greek dinner. Later that night I went to the jacuzzi at my friends house with some people. I got home and watched movies with my host mom and ended up sleeping in her bed... haha!

 Mother's Day!
Celebrated my hostmother today. We started with church in the afternoon and then lunch at the stratosphere where I hadn't been yet so it was cool seeing the view and the whole restaurant was turning as we ate. After the lunch we headed towards town square where we did some shopping and later on watched the move " Girl in Progress ". Ended with ice cream at home. Happy mother's day, mother <3