Las Vegas Premium Outlets

Friday was time for another Basketball game that my dear little sister was playing. She is the only girl on the guys basketball team!!

Went shopping yesterday with my Dori, we tried out a new place. The Las Vegas Outlets! The outlets were alright, I mean the stores were kind of limited. But it was a very beautiful place in general and me and Dori had a good time filled with laughter! 

Then last night we went to dinner at Cheetah's and Big Daddy' house! No, I don't know they're real names. That's what everyone calls them, seriously. But they are just hillarous. I'm sure you can tell by the picture of Big D. 

We ended up staying tha night at their house and now we just got back.
I'm just taking it east today, gonna see if Pierre's up for some Prison Break later. 


EF Trip

And this time we went skiing / snowboarding in Brian Head, Utah! Woaaaow, what a weekend. These people are just amazing, all my little fes-ies. I had a great time with friends from all over. Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy and Denmark.

The first night we got there we all just hung out at the hotel, and went in the Jacuzzi ofcourse. I shared rooms with my good friend from Amsterdam and two other people I didn't really know before, one from New Zeeland and one from Germany.

The first day of being out in the slopes was like one of the worst days they've had over there this season. Only one slope was open.. But the second day was amazing, and they said it was one of the best days of the season. 

Snowboarding for me of course, most of the time with Justin Bieber (Noah) by my side since we we're the only onces that were snowboarding. 

I came home last night and was greeted with some home made chili from my host mom with corn bread casserole. It was an amazing weekend, now it's good to be home too! (: 


last weekend

So I'm really bad at bringing my fatso camera to all the places I go, so I usually just end up with Iphone pictures. But you know, it is what it is

Friday - Basketball game at school
- Fast food place with Brandon, Chris & Josh
- Yoghurtland!

Saturday - Doing chores
- Hanging with sisterz
- Movies to see " devil inside" with Trey

Sunday - Football star came to our house (still starstrukk)
- Chillin with P
- Hanging out with Chris, Bhill, Darien & Karly. 

Monday - MLK Day!!!! But I spend the whole day preparing for finals (: 


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puss puss.

laces out

Yesterday we had a very special guest over in our house. Former NFL player D'juan Woods! I was a little starstruck I have to admit... He used to play for Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints. Check out his wiki-page here. He signed a football for us and also taught me and Pierre how to throw a football for real. How many people can say they've been taught how to play american football by a real NFL player?! D'juan stopped playing due of a spinal cord injury in 2009. But he is still veeery athletic. He stopped by for lunch yesterday and we got to hangout a little bit.
D'juan in action.



Translation; Hi! I'm thinking about leaving a year to go to USA, and I was wondering how you get chosen? Or if you have to take any tests before you go? Do you have to apply for residence permits and stuff when you go to USA? And finally, before you go the first time to your hostfamily, are you allowed to bring a familymember? btw your blog is amazing!

Hi there! First of all thanks for asking me, like I said it's an honor to have people asking me questions.  I'm going to answer your question based on what I now and I only know about EF's organization. The first thing you do is send in your application to EF. In the application you tell about your hobbies, your life, real family, allergies etc. Just so they can get to know you. Based on what EF knows about you (which is alot) they try to match you up with a family in your host country. They send out your application to families that they think you will click with. The host families get several applications from different students, and then it's up to them to chose.

 Before you go you have to have decent grades, take some shots for hepatitis A&B and some other stuff (it all depends) and get a health check. Since you are in America for 10 months or more, you will need a VISA. Which shows that you are staying in USA legally for the year. 

You are not allowed to bring a family member with you. EF strongly recommends to not keep in too much contact with your real family. This is a year for you! To become more independent, grow up, step out of your comfort zones, learn and live the american life. That does not include being with your real family. But, your family is allowed to come visit you in your host country. 

This is my VISA, it looks like a passport except it says " VISA " and " United States of America" . My VISA is for one whole year. And yes I just woke up and wearing my PJ's, get over it :)


nuts,nuts, peanuts?!

Hello tha blog! 

Today was a great day, for today something historically happened. I have never liked peanuts, only with food. Today, I found myself liking not only peanuts, but peanutbutter.

Why is this day a piece of history? For today, Lina Molin is officially Americanized. 

Now let's celebrate with another scoop. 


Sister quality time with Lauren. I think part of the family experience is to spend time with the family as a whole, but also a lot of time with the individuals where your relations ships grow stonger. Me and Lauren went rollerskating! It was so American. We did the limbo, dances and had races. We ended up spending some coins on the ol' video games too.