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So I haven't been blogging at all lately. In fact I haven't postet a single post in weeks! But I'm back home now, back to my old life in Sweden. It's was really fun but weird to be back. Finally beeing with my whole family, the greenery here in sweden and my house. Everything seems to be smaller. But really, I can't really see that much of a difference here. Nothing has changed really. The day I got back my friends surprised me, they were hiding in my room with blue and yellow balloons the day I got back. We all had breakfast together and it felt good, knowing that I hadn't been forgotten ;) It's been like a month since I left Las Vegas. I miss it a lot, the memories will always remain and I will never forget all the wonderful people I met nor my host family. I'll probably not blog that much anymore, since I'm an ex-exchange student now. I'm gonna work a lot with EF now, and gather some points. When you get enough points, you get to go back to your hostfamily for the points you earned. I'm so excited, I'm gonna work my but off :)

Puss puss!

If you guys would like to help me out, you could leave your email adresses for me so that I can send out EF promotions to you, which will help me gain some more points, and please follow me on instagram too @molinalina ! :)

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  1. Hello!! :)
    I have questions :)
    What was with your english? I mean, did u understand everything in school? :)
    EF is good? Could you send me something about year abroad with EF? some informations?
    My e-mail ewa1101@wp.pl

  2. I have followed your blog since your year started in Las Vegas! I have loved it from day one. it is kinda sad that you are back home bacause I have realy enjoyed following your year. I am traveling with EF next year to USA (13/14) I cant wait. My e-mail is loveida@hotmail.no. BTW: I´m form Norway. my blog adress is l0veusa.blogspot.com, if you would like to read about my year. Send me so many EF promotions you can! It would be nice if you could blog some posts. and again, I love your blog. hehe, I´m not that good in english but I´m progressing.

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