3rd official day of summer

Sitting in my bed just taking it slow after a day of well, taking it slow. Christin stayed over last night along with Sharonda. Woke up in the middle of the night because I was so mad at them for taking up the space in my bed lol. Lauren my hostsister had her 14th birthday party yesterday. The day was busy busy but so great too. Today everyone has been lazy and just enjoying that it is summer. We went over to the pool and got ourselves some nice tans. I've said it before but I will truly miss the heat here...
 After finals it was time to say goodbye to some awesome teachers!
Chaperoning at Lauren's 8th grade party at the South Point Resort
Big daddy, Love and I 
 Last time at my locker
With principal McPartlin
Saying goodbye :''(
After school was over we celebrated it at The World Mark Resort

 Lauren's 14th birthday partaaay

 Summertime <3

3rd day of summer is almost over. On thursday my Dad and Brother will come here, after beeing away from them for 11 months. I am so excited!!!!!!!

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  1. Hei!
    Det ser ut som du har det helt fantastisk! Jeg skal selv på utveksling nå til høsten og lurte på noen ting som jeg håper du kan svare på!
    Når fikk du vertsfamilie? Hvordan var det å innrette seg i en helt ny kultur og bli kjent med folk som ikke snakker det samme språk som deg?
    Hvordan var det å snakke engelsk hele tiden? Og hvordan er vertsfamilien?
    Håper du forstår norsk..