So yesterday was a great night, I finally have it written in black and white. I DID IT! I completed a whole year, coming to this country on my own. I had to adjust myself in to this environment which was harder than I thought. I had nights when I cried myself to sleep because I was missing my beloved onces back home. I had days that I never wanted to be over because they were so awesome and unique. I have memories that I will carry with me for life. I am so lucky, I really am. I had my hostfamily who took me in and treated me as their own which I soon came to adjust to. I have my friends who enlightens my days and will have a special place in my heart, forever. There are not a lot of people who can say they have two families, two homes, two lives. I can. I have learned so much about not only myself, but about life and how to see and appreciate what you are given. This was my exchange year, a year I will never forget nor regret. Soon it will be time for me to leave. It will be a hard time, I can't see myself not living here anymore. And I'm scared. But that will just be another adventure to come.

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