Mother Daughter Day

Wooow I haven't been this tired in a while! Today was such a great day, mommy took me out on a Mother Daughter Day at the strip. She took me to all the casinos  / hotels that I wanted to see that I haven't seen yet. First she took me to get tanned, we had a nice lunch at the paris, saw some pretty crystals at the cosmo, fancy boutiques at the Crystals mall, and a lot of walking on the main street. I also got a bracelet so I will always be able too look back and remember my year and my host family. (aaaw)
Here are some picures.
 Inside the Paris, it is set up just like a french little small town.
Having crêpes at " Mon Ami Gabi " 
 The entrance to the Cosmopolitan, the newest and best 
 Crystal bar inside Cosmo
 This is in the Chrystal shops, they only have stores like LV, Prada, Miu Miu, Hermes etc..
 View from Crystal Shops
 This is  a famous classic Las Vegas restaurant 
Everything was huge! The whole restaurant was filled with neon lights.
 Marcos 2011-2012

Now I gotta get started with this day which is gonna be so fun, but there is a lot going on! 
Tell you more later :)

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