I love when people ask me stuff about being an exchange student, makes my days.

1) From Julia Olsson; Hi, I'm just wondering, are you born 1996 and are you in 9th grade in USA?

Nope, I am born 1995 ( just the info said 15 before cause I was 15 when I left ). Here in America I am in  11th grade, which makes me a Junior. Because in my school all exchange students are juniors, no matter what age ( with some exceptions ).

2) From Sara Jaffar; Hey, do you get your own Mac Book Pro from EF? So many people that have gone to America has got one so that's why I'm asking. 

No, EF does not provide a laptop for you. They actually want you to be on the computer as little as possible. I would bring yours though, I mean if you want to have a blog, skype, facebook, twitter, or whatever you probably want to stay in touch with all the friends you meet during the year and the people back home. Just saying.

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